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The Predator: The Army and The Alien!

Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first ever action movie where humans are fighting as equals with aliens who are far more powerful than them. Released in 1988, "The Predator"'s star was actually the Alien who was at least 7 feet in height and had excellent futuristic gadgetry. Ever since multiple reboots with new ideas have arrived but havent made the same dent as the first one starring Arnold. However, a new reboot "The Predator"(2018) starring Boyd Holbrook of "Narcos" fame has hit the screens and as we speak about it, it has already done a $25 Million opening weekend.

This post is aimed at reviewing the new Reboot and also talking about how it imbibes the facets of the original classic of military bonhomie, teamwork and humour while hunting for an evolved evil creature.

What is "The Predator" ?

The Predator is an advanced life form of another world who looks to have similar body resemblance to humans and looks a lot like human themselves but has far more advanced technology and physical strength. In fact in the 2nd version of the series.. "The Predator 2(1990)" shows him having a taste for beef and red meat.He hunts for sport and likes to keep trophies for each of his kills. He follows his ritualistic depiction of all his hunts. He usually hunts solo and likes to take on the strongest of men as his favourite opponents. In fact, if one looks at all the earlier Predator films, only big and tough men have been pitted against the Alien. Be it Arnold, Be it Danny Glover, Be it Boyd Holbrook, Be it Adrien Brody they are all people with solid built and super resolve. The Predator is possibly the only Alien franchise which puts forward a one man vs one alien duel. There is also the technology on which The Predator operates. He cant be seen as he camouflages with the world around him. His weapons are usually part of his body which makes it difficult to hunt him.

The franchise also seems to be a Darwinian case study. I mean its largely the survival of the fittest and the one with the best endurance who survives these alien creatures.

The Plot of "The Predator(2018)"

So to build a story to the next level, Director Shane Black ( Iron Man 3) and the only cast member of the original Predator classic of 1987 who has ever directed a film of the franchise brings new characters and newer worlds to explore. The Predators are now a tribe who frequently travels to Earth in search of resources. They clearly have evolved in every way. On the other hand, the humans too have set up labs of research and more advanced weapons to tackle the predators. So, the leading man Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) is a US Marine who by chance encounters a Predator in an operation in central America and steals his amulet and helmet for his own use. Now unfortunately these weapons reach Quinn's home and are being toyed around by his little son. His son by mistake triggers the amulet's in built transmitter and sends a signal to a larger ship of the Predators. This confusion sets in motion a chain of events where Quinn and his team of army men must rescue his son and the world from The Predators wrath. Quinn's team which comprises of the best marines take on the Predator and his kind. The centre of the conflict is between Quinns team and The Predator himself.

The Significance Of Army in Predator Films:-

The first Predator film starring Arnold Schwarzengger and his platoon is memorable primarily because it brings out the bonhomie of the US Army and their capacity for teamwork and fighting powerful opponents. In fact, nobody can forget Arnold as Butch and other big heavyweight bodybuilders of that time like Carl Weathers, Sonny Landham, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke and others. The army team works under a defined code of honour and are ruthless mercenaries who dont hesitate before shooting a bullet on the enemy.

Even in the 2010 outing of "Predators" starring Adrien Brody, the entire locale and set up is very much similar to the first Predator as it revolves around a team of soldiers in an unidentified forest.

In this film of 2018, Director Shane Black assembles a kickass army platoon which fights with Quinn (the protagonist) to rescue his son from possibly the most powerful Predator ever shown on the big screen. In Fact , he has an evolved human skeleton and his 4 times bigger in size than the first Predator ever shown on the big screen. He even has large sized pets who are from his own planet. And as they travel from one place to the other and take on bigger challenges, one can see the sense of having the Army at the center of the story.

Final Verdict :-

The Predator (2018) is a reboot of the old franchise. It has new characters, new setting and absolutely newer Predator Aliens. The film draws its strength from the central team of heroes who are trained Marines and have a great chemistry as a team. All actors have acted average but yes Boyd Halbrook has a definitive screen presence. One cant forget him from his role in "Logan". The female leads havent got much to contribute. Its the army platoon which steals the show. It is a decent one time watch!

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