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THE ARC OF TONY STARK : A tribute to the legacy of the greatest Avenger !

Avengers-Endgame is Earth’s most awaited film of all time with an estimate that 60% of humanity would have watched the spectacle. As I watched it a number of question pondered in my brain as to who is the steward of this big baton of dozen of superheroes. I mean who is the soul of the film and who is the reason why all of this ends the way it ends.

Millions of Captain America fans, Thor fans, Hulk fans, Black Widow fans, Guardian Of the Galaxy fans and so on……..will acknowledge the fact that the only ‘real human’ superhero in this maze of superheroes is Iron Man/Tony Stark.

As he ends his presence in the current MCU post the release of “Avengers-Endgame”, Tony Stark/Iron Man marks the end of an era of a Batman-esque type hero from the Marvel Universe. In my opinion, it can be argued that Tony Stark is the most important Avenger of this generation. And its his initiative and efforts that The Avengers live to tell the tale.


To put it objectively, he kick started the journey of the Marvel Studios business back in 2008 when the first “Iron Man” was released. He also signifies the regular next door guy who is trying to push the envelope by building Stark Industries. He is rich and powerful but he is a lot of other things as well. One can see his various avatars in films of other Avenger heavyweights as well. He gets meaty roles in “Captain America:Civil War” , “Spiderman-Homecoming” with sizeable presence.

He is also the technology backbone of the Avengers ensemble. His Iron Man suits have already been used by army personnel and by fellow heroes like Iron Patriot and even worn by his wife Pepper Pots.

His aspirational life from Riches to Riches, his ability to swing technology from time to time to defeat the intergalactic forces from time to time. In fact his gadgets have held supreme in the Avengers battles across various films.

Some of his prized creations other than his own Iron Man suit which has over half a dozen upgrades and versions are as fascinating as well.

The Iron Patriot suit :- Worn by Don Cheadle who plays Jim Rhodes and is Tony’s friend and ally is itself shown in various non “Iron Man” films. It bears the American flag colors and looks similar to Captain America’s wardrobe design.

The Time-Space GPS Band :- Tony builds the Time-Space device to keep a track of the various Avengers who travel to various time zones to collect the infinity stones.

The Armored Spider-Man suit :- Just as Peter Parker is evolving from a regular high school kid into “Spiderman”, he is given the task to move around objects and ships from outer space who move at very high speeds. For this Tony builds him a steel suit which allows him to navigate better. It upgrades itself with spider claws which is quite visible in “Avengers-Endgame” when Spider-Man is fighting against the multi-faceted Thanos army!

The Hulk-Buster version of the Iron-Man suit:- Initially designed to tackle a rampaging and psychotic Hulk, the suit is as big as Hulk himself and in fact is worn by Bruce Banner later when he cant turn into Hulk.

The Jarvis programme :- The Avengers very own A.I. system which controls and serves Tony and the entire nerve centre HQ of the superhero ensemble. Jarvis has saved Tony’s life dozens of times by its nimble footed response mechanism to threats as they occur.

The Tony Stark Residence :- Tony’s home perched on top of a cliff in Malibu in addition to being a typical Billionaire residence is ‘also’ the respository of all Iron Man armour, his suits and jets, cars etc. Its unique shape gives it access to immediate flight and landing options. One would recollect when The Mandarin and his team hit it in “Iron Man 3”.



It may well be argued that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are quite similar. They both are born in super-rich households. They both loose parents at an early age. Both of them have an undying passion to build gadgetry and weapons with their in-house programs. Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries are quite similar in many ways although Tony is a bit more hands on in his work. Bruce/ Batman has Alfred Pennyworth as the favored keeper/butler of the Wayne family who also handles the security of the Batcave and we have Jarvis and Happy Hogan who is quite similar to Alfred.

Despite the above inspirations and similarities, Tony is a bit more fun loving than Bruce Wayne in general. He also leads the cause and offers everything he has for it.


Despite being a globetrotting/ crimefighting/ billionaire, Tony has a soft side to him that touches all his fans. Who can forget when he takes his brakes at Randy’s Donuts in L.A.(which is for real), munching cheeseburgers from In’n’out and just likes hanging out with friends and his limited family (not to mention he is a “one woman man” after his marriage to Pepper.

Another side of Tony is seen when he mentors and becomes the father-figure to Peter Parker. In fact, in “Avengers-Endgame” he clearly remarks to Captain America that “ I could’nt save the kid” clearly referring to Peter Parker and the scene in which he embraces Tony and utters “I don’t want to die Mr Stark” is a real tearjerker for all fans!

I personally loved the way he interacts with his own father Howard Stark in “Endgame”. The viewer actually feels that he/she has literally grown up with the Stark household and that’s what counts.

The fact that he gives all back to what he had created is very inspirational to millions of his fans.


Roberty Downey Jr is exactly Tony Stark in real life. One cant help but recollect how Downey who had won accolades and awards for his portrayals as Charlie Chaplin in “Chaplin” was stuck in his own personal struggles fighting drug and alcoholism. His real life wife Susan Downey who was herself a successful producer is credited to have rebuilt his career by making him choose the correct parts which suit his personality. And his comeback after the drugs/alcoholism issue and from there to superstardom where he is seen making over $75 Million for a single film is something his fans love and represents every bit of DNA of Tony

Stark/Iron Man as written by the great Late Stan Lee.

To Sum it up , Iron Man/ Tony Stark are the tent pole of The Avengers Universe!

Will miss you Tony!

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