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Decoding"The Avengers: Endgame" Trailer!

The unthinkable has happened and something monumental is on the way in the entertainment space. As i write this review, "The Avengers: Endgame" trailer has recorded over 300 Million hits on YouTube in a day! That my friends is the vindication of the fact that Marvel is now on track to give a Tri-Billion dollar revenue film if my estimates are correct. And very soon Marvel itself will be a fairly large movie studio in itself! No bigger tribute to Stan Lee than this eh......

In order to appreciate this cataclysmic event in pop culture, this post will aim to decode the trailer and what can be expected of the movie which releases on April 26, 2019. Not very far away from the March release of "Captain Marvel"

The Trailer of "Avengers: Endgame"

From the look of it, the trailer has an apocalyptic feel to it. Dilapidated ships, broken worlds and guess what Thanos retiring as a farmer on some planet. And yes Tony Stark staring at a broken head of the Iron Man suit in the Milano ship from "Guardians Of The Galaxy" ensemble. We then are taken to what remains of the Avengers headquarters where one can see Captain America and the Black Widow talking about how Thanos has destroyed 50% of living beings in the universe. There are some mentions to Scott Lang aka Ant Man who appears on a screen along with Peter Parker. There is also the mention of the deaths of major Avengers have been eliminated. But slight hints on the fact that Thor, Shuri from Black Panther have survived and Hawkeye emerges in his new Samurai avatar. Then there is Captain America looking at old picture of Peggy Carter who lived with him in the early 1900's. And at the end Ant Man knocks on the Avengers Headquarters who arrives along with his "Van".

Possible Scenarios for the film:

Purely on the look of the trailer, there is a strong reference of travelling back into time to undo what Thanos has done. Both Caps and Black Widow are trying to forge a plan and the fact that Captain himself is a time traveller, it seems possible. There is also him looking at Peggy Carter's picture so that may cement this theory of time travel. Also the van which Ant Man/ Scott Lang arrives in is the same vehicle in which Ant Man travels into other dimensions in the film" Ant Man and The Wasp". These all hint at travelling back into time and foiling Thanos' plans. But then the trailer starts with Tony Stark so I feel Iron Man will be leading the cause as well. The logo of the film is made in the purple texture, the same skin tone of Thanos.

Box Office Implications:-

By all estimates $ 2 Billion USD in global box office is a given. I am basing this fact on at the assumption that at least 50% of viewers of the YouTube trailer (The release day viewership) will ultimately watch the film and $10 is a reasonable ticket price globally. These are the 300 Million odd people who watched the trailer on the day it was released. Not to mention the global marketing thrust of Disney and its affiliates will leave no stone unturned in making sure that the film reaches every nation on the planet. Its reasonable to think of a global revenue of $ 2 Billion. Also note that Black Panther alone did $ 1.3 Billion on its own.

The Marvel Universe post Avengers-Endgame

Assuming Avengers-Endgame restores back all our favourite heroes, Marvel will go into using its strategy of inter character collaborations to the next level and cement their new franchises. They have already had monster success with "Black Panther" and the animated "Spiderman-Into the Spider Verse" is already wooing a new generation of viewers. The MCU already has the new Spider Man live action film starring Jake Gyllenhall as Mysterio. Disney has already announced big plans for Marvel through its yet to be launched streaming service. But I think that Stan Lee's perspective of inter character collaboration will still hold strong for Marvel and as Lee envisioned, all superheroes will have a lot of human and every day issues.

Final Verdict on the trailer

The trailer builds the momentum on the most awaited super hero film in the history of humankind!

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